World of work
Thinkpiece No. 46

Diversity in Business Corporations – Another Value-Extraction Scam

by Manfred Hoefle


Some academic socio-political ideas that arose twenty years ago are now an issue for corporate managements.

These ideas, which often originated in the USA, are also propagated by US-dominated parabusiness firms (providers of professional services for corporate management). Today management consultants and the Big 4 auditing firms are promoting a diversity and inclusion debate.

This is a front for a symbiotic business strategy: firstly, convince corporate executives they need a corporate diversity and inclusion (D&I) policy; secondly, they need D&I reporting, and thirdly, they need D&I certification. These parabusiness firms then claim to be the experts in those fields.

Management consultants, like McKinsey, even claim a causal relationship between diversity and business success. Read this essay and decide yourself.

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