World of work

Thinkpiece 46

Diversity in Business Corporations – Another Value-Extraction Scam

Years ago, with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), socio-political issues were added to the agendas of capital corporations. Now, companies are supposed to protect minorities and promote equality. Otherwise, they will be disadvantaged by investors. Majority issues are side-lined. This thinkpiece exposes what is going on and suggests how to solve the diversity issue.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 68

New Work, Purpose And Self-Determination

Many businesses have already adopted the working methods of New Work and Agile Work. After all, these methods are associated with meaningful work and flexibility. But the way they are applied is having serious consequences. And yet, managers could have learned from earlier attempts to humanize the workplace.
by Sandra Siebenhüter
Lesson 59

Women Quotas Benefit An 'Elite' – Not You

Women quotas on supervisory boards are controversial, but they are spreading fast. Now gender balancing is also being proposed for management boards. There are many causes of gender gaps and each deserves a remedy. However, the women quota is the wrong solution.
by Derek James Brocklehurst
Thinkpiece 33

McKinsey – Naked Capitalism

Since the 1990s, McKinsey has evolved into a global management consulting business, which is purely capital oriented. It′s clients include major corporations and banks and increasingly national goverments. How this transformation happened and how to prevent the further proliferation of this questionable business model is explained in this thinkpiece.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 51

The Lonely Crowd: Human Beings as Digitally-Controlled 'Expert Machines'

Is there a law that says bad work drives out good? No, and yet digitalization reduces and simplifies traditional work until, ultimately, it can be automated. Many employees face the prospect of becoming mere 'human sensors' and semi-skilled operatives in an automated process. The working lives of people in manufacturing and service industries will be marked by deskilling, estrangement and isolation, unless corrective measures are taken. This essay considers the dangers of digital Taylorization and denounces the drive for total efficiency.
by Sandra Siebenhüter
Lesson 49

Leadership Culture: An Analog Dilemma in a Digital Age

Digitization directly impacts business leaders by transforming how they manage employees. Managers must adapt, by choice or by force, to a new workshop culture and say goodbye to multiple layered, tightly controlled organizations. However, that does not mean trying to copy Silicon Valley. This essay explains what has to change and also describes some organizational innovations at major companies in Germany
by Sandra Siebenhüter
Lesson 27

Business Strategy ― What are the Learnings of J. Welch and M. Porter?

For a long time these men represented the non plus ultra of corporate leadership and business strategy. So what is left after the hype? Do their teachings still pass a reality check? This lesson gives the answer ― from a professional. Also, why management gurus are bad for your health.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 21

Working on Earth or Working on Clouds

Dr. Sandra Siebenhüter, an expert on the world of work, considers dubious trends affecting our working lives. The economization of personal relationships and mutuality is a warning sign for society.
by Sandra Siebenhüter
Thinkpiece 4

The Declining Role of Information and Communications Technology in Germany – Siemens Exits the ICT Industry: Reasons and Lessons

Too little is known about why ICT is declining in Germany. Even less is known about the impact. Read – in this 20-page summary – about the decline of a historically key German industry, the reasons, and lessons to be learned.
by B. Eidenmüller, M. Hoefle, A. Sorg
Lesson 3

Cabin Boy to the Wheel — While the Captain Stays Below

Why do skilled managers — grown men with years of experience — pay inexperienced young graduates to solve their business problems?
by Julius Lengert