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Thinkpiece 36

The Underestimated Power of Digitalization

There is now, belatedly, recognition that digitalization has radically shifted the relationship between users/consumers and service providers. It has even gone so far as to marginalize the private sphere. Almost without being noticed, digitalization, which is supposedly a neutral factor, has become the most powerful instrument for controlling the economy and society. This part (following Thinkpiece 35) of a three-part essay on the Post-Industrial Revolution focuses on the power of digitalization in the economy of the future.
by Andreas Seidel
Lesson 56

The Limits of Automation — Insights and Lessons

This essay aims to provide clarity and orientation about automation. Automation is often considered one-sided instead of integrated — by wrongly excluding the human factor. Dr. Bodo Eidenmüller has co-designed the process of automation at Siemens, has transferred pioneering practical experience of automation from Japan, and is a committed observer of all things relating to Industry 4.0. He is convinced that automation can only be introduced expediently by integrating the workforce using proven methods based upon practical experience.
by Bodo Eidenmüller
Thinkpiece 35

The Fourth Industrial Revolution — A Misconception

Previous industrial revolutions had unique characteristics. But what is supposed to be Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution is just more of the same, but now "faster, networked, more digital". What really is revolutionary is the attempt to force a digital hegemony upon industry. That is more than enough justification to reappraise the role of industry in the economy and society. This thinkpiece offers some starting points.
by Andreas Seidel