Good Corporate Management

Lesson 80

Reiner Habrich: Siemens Technician - Entrepreneur - Driving Force

This is the story of a man who took up the challenge of business entrepreneurship at a time when others were more risk-averse. He devoted himself to this challenge and his innovative approach encouraged and motivated others. Finally he placed this now flourishing private business, one of Germany’s hidden champions, in the safe hands a newly formed mutual trust.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 78

Thomas Hirsch: Founder - Enabler - Visionary

The key factor for economic growth is the business entrepreneur. Proof of this is found by comparing the economic dynamism of the Industrial Revolution, the post-WWII economic boom, and the high-tech clusters of Silicon Valley. However, world-class enterprises are also found in many rural areas such as the Altmühltal, Bavaria, where Thomas Hirsch founded one of Germany’s hidden champions.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 76

Helmut F. Schreiner: Entrepreneur – Family Business Owner – Mentor – Teacher

This Lesson tells the story of an entrepreneur who turned a mid-size craft business into a highly innovative, major international business group. Like many family business owners, Helmut Schreiner learned his trade from the ground up. Along the way he acquired a trove of skills and expert knowledge on the manufacturing of specialist labelling and adhesive technology. Decades later Helmut Schreiner achieved what many entrepreneurs often fail to do, he successfully passed on his life's work to the next generation of the family.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 73

Hans Lindner – Building Products Manufacturer, Entrepreneur, Benefactor

"Good corporate governance" begins and ends with the entrepreneur. Our series on Ethical Business Leadership now features Hans Lindner, the founder and head of the Lindner Group. In 2020, the business newspaper Handelsblatt named Lindner a Pioneer of Business Enterprise and with KPMG elected Lindner Group to the Hall of Fame of Family Enterprises.
by Manfred Hoefle and Sandra Siebenhüter
Lesson 69

Reinhold Würth – Visionary and Entrepreneur

Principles – Practice – Achievements: "Arrogance can be deadly for a business enterprise", said Reinhold Würth, reflecting on the future of his life's work. Read how he turned a small firm selling industrial screws into the Würth Group – a global champion for industrial assembly materials and fasteners. How he succeeded and what business lessons can be learned
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 62

Claus Hipp: Eco-entrepreneur — Practitioner of the Christian Social Teaching

The series of entrepreneur profiles continues with Claus Hipp, longstanding head of HiPP, the market leader in organic babyfood. Learn how Claus Hipp's personal values — perseverance, modesty and versatility — have contributed to the entrepreneurial success of HiPP.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 60

Robert Bosch (1861-1942) – Industrialist and Pioneer of the Social Market Economy

Read in his own words the ethical spirit of Robert Bosch. Learn how his ideas live on in the private worldwide company he founded, wholly-owned by the Robert Bosch trust, and his contribution to the common good.
by Manfred Hoefle
Lesson 50

Werner von Siemens (1816 – 1892): Insights of a Great Entrepreneur

The 50th Lesson of the Managerism series is dedicated to Werner von Siemens: a great entrepreneur of the industrial revolution in Germany. This essay makes the case for studying some of the great entrepreneurs of the past: men like Robert Bosch, Reinhard Mohn and Berthold Leibinger, to name a few outstanding German business entrepreneurs. That is a good way to discover the true essence of business leadership and bypass the fashion trends of management teaching and consulting.
by Manfred Hoefle